Tennis Balls

Okay so I was going to mention in my previous post but I felt I was getting too side tracked. My frustration about these so called Tuff Balls deserves it’s own post. Sometime last month I wanted to get Roxy girl some balls because, for a little known reason that I just discovered last week, I couldn’t find any of the tennis balls that seemed like we accumulated so much of over the years. I drove over to Bi-mart with Roxy girl at my side, walked in and went straight to the pet section. I bought these balls that look identical to tennis balls except they are a bit smaller and definitely harder to the touch. The brand is Tuff Balls, I thought “awesome, perfect for Roxy because she has such strong jaw power, she wouldn’t be able to destroy this”. Well I was wrong, she ate through the lime green fuzz all over the ball and was able to get to the rubber part. I can’t believe it, but then again maybe I should have thought that through a bit longer, she’s a little super dog, Ha! Roxy, Roxy, Rox (shaking my head). After we are done playing fetch and when she gets tired of catching the rebound when I bounce it off the wall, I have to put up the ball somewhere high or else she’ll start gnawing pieces off. Does anyone have any recommendations for me?, because Roxy just loves balls, I’m wondering if there is one that she cannot get through. Until then, our daily ritual will do.

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