Chloe & the Bees

When our Chloe was a little pup pup she absolutely loved to chase the insects around during the summer time, especially the bees. Well one day I came home from work and Pete told me what had happened while I was gone. My husband Pete has the biggest green thumb that I know and every summer he is always outside working on the gardens. That day, he and Chloe spent the whole morning outside and he realized that she got stung by a bee when she started to act a bit strange. At first he did not think anything strange was happening just that she got herself tuckered out from running around the yard and getting into normal Welshie shenanigans (jumping into the wide pots and digging up the flowers and soil!). Things got more worrisome when he realized that she was wheezing and she looked dazed and was walking around lethargically. My mother-in-law was visiting at the time and she said to him “Pete, if you want that puppy to live, you better get in the car this second and get her to the vet!”, on the way to the vet my mother in law was holding Chloe in her arms hoping as every minute passed that she would stay awake, the vet was only 15 minutes away. Chloe did stay awake just barely, and she was immediately taken care of by the vet once they arrived.  Chloe came out by the end of the day her happy ol self again, when Pete told me what had happened my heart hurt so much to think that I might have lost my very first dog that I love with all my heart! Thank god we didn’t, now we have diphenhydramine in our medicine cupboard just in case for emergencies like that. Although, ever since then Chloe never chased after another bee again, I can’t say the same for the butterflies though.

The link below is an article that I think can be helpful in case you are not sure what kind of reaction your dog will have if they ever get stung by a bee or wasp. The article provides some helpful tips and what to look out for.

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