We’re almost there!

Roxy is well into her pregnancy now, she will give birth in a little over 2 more weeks! She has been great through it so far, now we are just preparing for when she gives birth making sure she has her area set up and getting good exercise. She is feeling very frantic or excited I should say 🙂  in getting her “cocoon”( what we like to call it) ready where she will spend most of her time with her babies; feeding, cleaning, and taking care of them etc. We are also making sure to feed her well, a couple of days before birthing she will not eat as much as she usually does, so this is when we really pay attention to nutrition to make sure she’s getting enough for her pups as well as for herself.

Other than that we are very excited for the puppies to be finally out of mama. Raising the pups is our favorite part! I will be sure to post pictures of them when they’re born.



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