Gidget the Cascade Outlaw

New puppy on board! We brought a sweet little puppy to our home last Thursday, her name is Gidget, Gidgi for short. Actually, I have decided she is more spunky than sweet! A week has gone by and Pete and I have noticed how smart she is, she is more on the adventurous & mischievous side of the WT personality. Gidgi’s always inspecting everything that we are doing, she is always by my feet, or Pete’s. She just ran over to my keyboard, “What’s that noise?” (typing). Lol.

Cruz really likes her, he likes all babies by the way, he has always been such a sweetheart with all the puppies. Chloe is another story, she like her toys and bones more than the new pup pup,  so we have to make sure that those are out of reach from all dogs when Gidgi is out playing with them. Roxy and Gidgy have not have that much contact as the other two have just because she’s pregnant and is always opting to be in her own space especially now that she is almost due to give birth.

Here are some shots of her, she was out in the front yard with Pete. He was cutting the tomatoes’ plants stems that have died and getting the rest of the garden ready for spring. There’s Gidgi right by his side, she was entertained a few times with sticks, acorns, and leaves. Enjoy the pictures! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Gidget the Cascade Outlaw

  1. I cannot believe how much longer her legs are in just one week! Getting so very excited. AP

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