Roxy’s First Litter

Roxy went into labor this morning around 5 am and it lasted till 9am. She gave birth to four healthy babies, 1 females and 3 males. Rox didn’t have any problems, we could tell that it was a very new experience for her, but she did very well nonetheless. She was very calm about it and waited patiently for the babies to make their way to the exit chamber, pushing after every contraction. They started popping out every hour, these babies each certainly took their time. We were thinking about Chloe and how she just wants to get it all done as soon as possible and quickly pops them out one after the other. Rox on the other hand has a very high threshold for pain, she never screamed in pain when the babies passed through and were birthed. She’s a tough little cookie.

Two of her pups are talkers, we have yet to see which ones they are, screaming at their mom “MORE MILK!!”. There’s a story behind that, my mother-in-law told me about my husband and how when he was a baby he would play in his room and when he was done with his bottle of the milk he’d stand at the stop of the stairs and scream out “More Milk, More Milk!!”. That’s what these vocal babies remind me of. 🙂

Here are some more pictures, I thought the one with Roxy looking up at me was hilarious. She was looking at me in disbelief, “are you serious mom, your’re taking a picture!”.



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