Puppies Born

We are all adjusted and are at ease now that the babies were finally born yesterday. Roxy was in labor from 11pm Friday night to 4am Saturday, two boys and three girls were born. She needed a rest before the last two pups were born so we waited about 45 minutes before she pushed them out, that is nothing compared to how long it took for her to finally come to full term in her pregnancy. Her pregnancy lasted 68 days which is not the average of 63 that we usually see, still normal but something we hadn’t experienced until now. Pete did well to keep my nerves down, to quote him, he said we don’t need my ‘hispanic panic’ episodes right now, lol, that made me laugh. Keeping in mind how hard it was for me to be patient, I’d like to thank ya’ll for sticking it out and not hearing of an update for almost a whole week. Here are some pictures! 🙂 Roxy and puppies are all doing very well.

2 thoughts on “Puppies Born

  1. OMG! HOw sweet! ALL of you can relax now… IF someone doesn’t show up for a puppy, let me know…. MY puppy desire is beginning to get really strong, despite our logical waiting until beginning of Dec. So we are back from our journey. WElsh puppies seem to have a lot of energy for me!!!! THanks, Jean Eilerman

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