Advice for All Dog Lovers

One of our puppy owners wanted to share her experience after she found that her Welshie pup got into some Advil. I really appreciate her advice and wanted to share on this blog with you all.
“I need to tell everyone what happened to my pup last Sunday. He got into some Advil, chewed through a childproof medicine bottle. He ate likely 15 pills.
He threw up several times and then started to shake and twitch. He refused any water.
We drove him to the emergency animal hospital that night. They took him right from my arms to start treatment. They put him on an IV with double fluids and he stayed on it until Friday morning. They gave him a charcoal treatment and we are now treating stomach damage as aggressively as is safe with hormones, pills and liquids six time during every 24 hours.

I had NO IDEA Advil could be so dangerous. I’m urging everybody to secure all their medicine, even the “safe” stuff. Also the doctor said it’s never wise to give them any flavored chewable pills because the instances of them overdosing is frequent.
Our pups are lively, curious , have strong jaws, and are so very quick. Aspirin, even baby aspirin, Advil, Tylenol can cause permanent damage to our dogs. The ibuprofen can cause kidney failure, and Tylenol, liver damage.

Our boy will be fine we hope, but he’s not completely out of the woods. We have to have his blood tested two more times this week and then once every month for the next six months!

He was a wonderful patient. The entire staff fell in love with him and his supersonic tail. He didn’t bark or whine, just a really good boy.

The most important takeaway from this is if your dog gets into any harmful, poisonous stuff, take right to the vet. Even if it’s the middle of the night. The damage to their organs keeps progressing even after they stop showing symptoms and by that time it could be permanent or fatal. This in definitely NOT a “wait and see” situation.”

Pups Coming Soon

Hello All,

We can finally expect pups born sometime in the beginning of April and ready for homes in June. It’s been a long wait for us, our girls had a fun winter season and one or two days of snow to play in.

Here are some pictures of pups from one of our last litters, they have grown a bit but are still definitely in that oh so adorable puppy phase.

We still have some spots available for reservation , if you’re interested please email and I will get back to you as soon as I can!

Chloe’s Antics

A lot of people wonder what life is like with one of our dogs, well here’s an example of a day with Chloe. I was playing fetch with Chloe and Maya and I went into the house to refill my cup of coffee. As I was walking to the back door I saw Maya hopping like a kangaroo, obviously something was wrong. I thought what the heck is going on, I opened the back door and I noticed Chloe was nowhere to be found. From what I can see there was a small bend in the chain link fence where she slid through to the neighbors yard. My heart immediately jumped out of my chest! The thought of Chloe running loose was a terrifying thought, the neighborhood cats, squirrels, and rats would have never seen that coming, or anything else small and furry. I hopped the fence and screamed for Anita, “baabbbe, Chloe’s loose, she got out!”. The only way that I can relay that feeling to you, is if you can imagine swimming in the ocean and someone yelling Shaarrrk! Anybody’s who has every tried to catch a dog knows that sometimes you just have to stand still and listen. That’s what I did and I heard a scuffling in the house, and as I approached the house,.there she was looking at me through the window from inside. I figured that someone locked her in there and that they were looking for us to come get our dog. So I sat there for about 15 minutes waiting for someone to come, after twenty minutes I realized nobody was coming and that maybe she had gotten into the house somehow and could not find her way back out. It was a feeling of an epiphany really, as I stood there looking at her thinking you sly, clever girl, I could not believe it. I walked the permitter of the house and couldn’t find how she got in. The doors were locked, all the windows were closed. It wasn’t till I walked to the very back corner and there was a whole through the foundation where the pipes go underneath the house that had enough clearance for her to squeeze through. She must of climbed under through there and pushed up the access panel and got into the house in the pursuit of a rat, so I removed the access panel and shimmied on my back underneath the house subjecting myself to spiders, rats, and dust bunnies the size of my fist all the while cursing her existance. Thank god someone sent me a squeaky toy, Thank you Irene!, to lure her to come to me, I had to pretend that I was a rat. It took me 30 minutes to retrieve her from a plan that which only took her 15 seconds to hatch. She truly amazes me every now and then.