It’s been awhile hasn’t it

Hello Everyone!!! Pete and I have been changing directions in terms of location a few times for the last year and half or so, and I’m sure y’all have noticed our absence here and on social media. The thing is I am now an enlisted member of the Air Force! I am so thankful for this opportunity and the position I am in to serve and represent something that I cherish. My training for the most part kept me away from responding to comments and emails and Pete has never been a techy kind of guy either, ya’ll who have met us know that he’s definitely a talker and so we both sincerely apologize for that.

Our new home is in Maryland… come January of next year but we intend to keep this website up since we will continue to welcome pups with our dam, Maya. If you are still interested in one of our pups we are open to talk with you about different delivery/pick up options and find a way that would work for all of us. 

We miss our breathtaking mountains and nature of Oregon, but we are excited to return to the snow even it is almost directly on the opposite side of the country!


Anita & Pete