Our Dogs


Cruz our Sire

Cruz is our Sire for our WT puppies.  He has a beautiful red and black coat, a long muzzle, and almond shaped eyes. He is very lean and he never gets sick, he is a very healthy dog. He has a wonderful temperament, we characterize him as a TOTAL sweetheart! He is a great listener, he was so very easy to train. He refuses to bark unless he sees a stranger or an animal in the yard (deer, cats, or raccoons). He will do almost anything you ask him and he is very friendly, he loves to meet new people, I’d say we know the whole town by now.

His favorite things are playing in the water and snow, he looks like a ballerina on his tippy toes trying to catch the rain drops or snowflakes. He makes us laugh everyday. Cruz is a very mellow dog, and is perfectly content with anything; hiking, walking or just cuddling in the house. He is just such a lover boy!


Chloe our dam

Chloe, is a wild child, she was our first WT that we owned. We always laugh because we were almost not going to get her. We said lets do some research and if we like the breed and she’s still here when we come back then we will get her. Of course my husband was sold on how rugged these dogs are but how family compatible they are and their potential as a life long companion, a very versatile breed indeed. I was just sold on the cuteness factor alone!

She also has an excellent temperament, she is the alpha female in our house a real leader that’s for sure. We like to think that the she gives our puppies that extra confidence that is a very well known quality of the WT. She is smart as a whip! She has a tan and black coat, that is very silky and smooth. Her tan color is more on the blond side.

She is an independent Welshie and very loyal to me and Pete. Some of her favorite things are  running errands around town, walking downtown, and going fishing with us. Swimming in lakes and playing in the river in the summer time, and hunting for ground squirrels & rabbits in the mountains when we go hiking.

On one particular incident while on a fishing trip at Rainey Falls, a bear was swept down the rapids and ended up beaching itself in front of me and I came face to face with my biggest nightmare. Chloe courageously put herself between the bear and I, soon Cruz came running over and they both ran that black bear up a tree. I truly feel that these dogs will lay down their life to protect you and have witnessed it for myself first hand!


Roxy our Dam

Roxy Girl, is another one of our breeding females. We got her when she was 10 weeks old. When we picked her up we noticed right away that she was that she was in a state of despair, she frail and light as a feather! We quickly set her up on a feeding plan that would get her caught up on the minerals and vitamins that her body needed to bring color to her coat and strength to her bones, this quickly put her on the right track in nutrition.  As soon as we did that we saw her transition to a happy, healthy, and flourishing dog.

She has curly and soft black and tan coat and a boxy muzzle. She is a goof ball out of the three and very sweet as well. Roxy is the ultimate French kisser, you have to tell her in a stern voice to get down and physically put her on the ground, off the couch. Even then she stands there looking up at you with her tail wagging a hundred miles per hour. It’s like she’s saying ‘you know you love my kisses, you know you want more’ with a big smile on her face.

She is loving, non-aggressive, and very outgoing. She is also super vocal, outstandingly obedient, and a great listener. Roxy loves her daily walks and playing ball, she also likes any one on one time like sitting in the sun on my lap as we drink our morning coffee in our backyard.rox-resized