Hi Anita,

It’s crazy how time has flown by. Maisie is through her last round of shots so she’s been getting out and about more. She’s such a great dog. House trained and crate trained completely in about 2 or 3 weeks, and she looooves people and other dogs. There is a lab puppy in our building that she loves playing with, even though he’s 3 times her size 🙂

Her personality is very sweet and she loves curling up in our laps whenever she can. She’s super smart and has been easy to obedience train (when she’s not being stubborn lol). She has a ton of energy and can sometimes be tough to control outside with all the sights and sounds in the city. Nothing scares her and she wants to explore everything and everywhere.

We love her to death and can’t thank you enough for bringing her into our lives 🙂



Hi Anita & Pete,

Henry has become very social.  He taught my daughter’s poodle pup how to play and they did for 2 days.  He has an older friend that has gotten over being a shelter dog.  He is such a loving pup.  -John

Isla is doing really well.  She had her 4 month shots about 3 weeks ago.  She is weighing in at 11lbs.  When she lays out on the floor, in her “super-woman” pose, we see great growth in her length (28inches long) Smile  We believe that she has an internal ambition to climb and create new records for herself.  She can climb over a 3ft wall, basically two baby gates stacked and held together by a tie wrap with an inch gap from the floor.  Isla has a lot of energy (“firecracker” Wink still applies) but when she is exhausted, she crashes hard.  She is very, very smart, the most intelligent dog we have owned.  She loves people watching on walks, surpasses our pace on a hike and enjoys smelling the flowers along the way.  She continues to be a good eater and was recently given her first hair trim, top of her head, as she was developing a mow hawk Smile.  Isla has lost teeth and new teeth have grown in.  She can sit, “drop” when playing fetch with a ball, and is learning to shake.  She also loves to find “cave” spots.


We have had our boy, Ollie, since October 2016. He is just over 10 months and we are in love.  He is a very spirited puppy to raise, but well worth it.  He is so fun and loving.  Keeps us on our toes at all times.  He travels well and loves our grandson.  It is our grandson that pulls him in the wagon.  Good news, he plays well with our cat.  I don’t know if that is a testimonial to our cat or to Ollie.  -Crowe on the fly

Our sweet Lacie turned 1 1/2 on June 3rd! She is a spunky, curious, loving little girl. She has fit right in to our family like we’ve had her forever! We have a 7mo. old son and Lacie could not love him more. She is protective over him and is worried whenever he cries. If he’s on the ground playing, Lacie has to be right by his side! She is so gentle and loving with him. It’s awesome to see!

Lacie potty trained very quickly. Rarely had any accidents. She also crate trained very well and loves her crate more than she likes mom and dads bed, haha! She sits when asked and knows when she is told no! Of course, she is a welsh terrier so she chooses to not listen sometimes, but that’s a normal trait, they all have that stubbornness! 🙂 Lacie has had no health issues and always gets a clean bill of health from the vet! She’s a perfect 19lbs!

Anita and Peter were very easy to work with! They were willing to meet us half way when we picked her up so we didn’t have to make as long of a drive which we found to be incredibly nice! We absolutely would get another puppy from them in the future! We couldn’t be any happier with our welsh terrier. She’s been the best addition to our family! 🙂

Trevor and Stacie Z.

Annie turned 2 this past April and is a great joy in our life. Annie aka Biddy is the sweetest little dog.  She is a cherished family member and adores our grandchildren and really any person she meets.  She has never had an aggressive approach to anyone and can’t get enough of our 9-month old granddaughter – she is obsessed and can’t get close enough to her.  She worries about every little noise she makes and can’t give her too many kisses.

Annie can be very jealous and has to be the center of attention always, but I think that is a strong Welshie trait.  She was great with our older dog (female Wire Fox Terrier Molly), who we recently lost at 17 1/2 years old.  She was blind and deaf and it seemed Annie helped guide her along and let her know which way to go by rubbing up against her, to help direct her.  She was very understanding when Molly would drift over to her dish of food, never getting aggressive and would just switch dishes. 

Annie has some very cute personality traits, she will paw at you if you are on your laptop or phone too much as if to say hey, pay attention to me!  She loves to go on walks and spend time on our ATV’s or camping.   She is a hugger and always has to get her greeting hug when my husband comes home.  


We couldn’t be happier with our puppy, Ruffian.  In fact, our whole experience in finding your program and dealing with you both has been a total pleasure. We had originally requested a female puppy. After the puppies were born, Pete convinced me that a male would better suit our family because we have a female Doberman. He was exactly right! Ruffian is a healthy, curious, and confident Welsh Terrier. (He’s also gorgeous!) He greets everyone, including small children, with joy. He holds his own with our Doberman who outweighs him ten times. He was so easy to crate train that it was effortless, and he already sits when asked and understands “no.” He is well on his way to being housebroken, and he’s only eleven weeks old. Altogether, I wish every puppy could have such a positive beginning. Our shelters would be empty.
-Anne & Rick



It’s been a month and a half since we picked up our Welsh Terrier, Baloo, from Anita & Pete and it has been a pure joy to have him in our life. Baloo is a very happy and healthy puppy, he is very smart and playful. He adopted my husband and I right away and is very well mannered. On top of that, he is very friendly to people (including the vet) and other dogs. He was 100% crate trained when we got him and he has never cried when we put him in his crate, not even the first night! And he has always slept through the night without any issues. We would like to contribute his and our success to the way he was taken care of before we picked him up.

 Additionally, Pete & Anita have been extremely helpful along the way. They have always been very responsive and happily answered our (numerous and excessive) questions.  We also loved the fact they post a lot of pics of the puppies on Facebook and kept us updated from birth to our pickup day.

 In a nutshell, adopting a new puppy is a big decision and we cannot imagine a more seamless and professional process than the one we have been through while adopting Baloo. –Audrey & Alex